Did you know that YouTube was recently revealed as the world’s number two used search engine? There’s no denying the power of video these days, but its value goes beyond entertainment – video has serious marketing implications. With Benchmark, integrating video into your email marketing campaigns has never been easier.

Designing an email campaign with video is no different than it is with pictures. Simply create an email as you normally would and decide where you want the video to be. Next, select that section in the editor and click the edit button. In the left-hand column you will see a section titled “Insert Additional Elements”. Choose “video” and a window will pop up. Copy and paste the embed code from YouTube, Vimeo or blip.tv when prompted. This will load the video into our gallery and embed it in your email. You’re done!

When a recipient clicks to watch the video, it will open a mirror image of the entire email in their web browser. This is the safest, easiest way to integrate video into your email campaigns. It helps to make sure your email campaign will not be filtered out as SPAM. It’s also a better alternative than a link to YouTube, Vimeo or blip.tv, because it keeps the video within your email content. As always, preview and test your email to make sure everything looks great and works properly across all platforms.

As video continues to become more integrated with email marketing, it will be harder to ignore its benefits. Eventually all companies will do it, but you don’t have to wait. Benchmark Email provides you with an easy video solution to take your email marketing campaigns to the next level now.