EasyJot is the newest addition to the already prominent array of productivity tools meant for both everyday and business users. While favorites remain Fetchnotes, SOHO Notes and Evernote, EasyJot is a simple application that’s ideally suited for users who do not have smart phones or more advanced tech tools, and/or simply aren’t comfortable with more advanced and complicated tools. There’s a learning curve with all these tools, and EasyJot’s one strength is that it bypasses complication for even the most tech-shy user.

Users are privy to a 45 day free trial, after which the rate steps up to $4.99/month. Group users get a 25% discount. While a just under $5 price tag isn’t much, users could get the same tools for free across several different platforms, like the ones mentioned above, and standard email tools like Gmail or Outlook. Of course, if you’re not interested in having basic tasks spread across different platforms, then you can opt in for a paid account after taking advantage of a generous free trial. A paid subscription offers users…

#1: Note Sharing

This highlights a trend toward collaboration. A lot more collaborative tools are popping up and if you’re a newbie, you’re better off learning how to make use of these tools. Fortunately, users get unlimited note storage (and online note taking) so they don’t have to worry about running out of space or having to fork over more down the road to continue using a platform they’ve become accustomed to.

Notes can also be sorted through with a basic search. A search filter alone is a paramount reason why paper should have long been abandoned in the shift to a digital business life.

#2: Calendar Management

Sadly for publishers, paper calendars are pointless. “Digital life” means digital life organization. This should serve as a cue for employers who are still printing out and posting weekly shift schedules. Calendar systems should be digital and web-accessible for all employees.

Even if you don’t have any “shifts,” having a team calendar helps keep everyone on board and on the same page.

What Users Are Saying

While the official review is that EasyJot is far too simple of an app, especially one that requires a paid subscription, users are saying otherwise. They love the note taking software it mimics. The note taking is done online rather than on downloadable software, making it more secure and remotely accessible (provided you have a secure connection). In a perfect world, it would pair cloud technology that would still let you access your content offline in a saved file – offering users the best of both worlds.

Nonetheless, EasyJot still has a lot of design tweaking to go through; it’s not easy on the eyes. It’s also not organized very well in terms of a user guide. There are a lot of features that need further explaining, alongside better graphics. A video would have been helpful and could have played up its attractive unlimited note storage capacity.

What This Means for Your Business

More digital life planning and management tools means that your business needs to get on board. No one really uses paper anymore and your clients expect the same efficiency. Paper only really matters when you’re sending thank you notes, invitations and birthday cards. For everything else, digital is the trend.