We all like things to be quick, simple, and safe … especially when going shopping. Shopping at the mall used to be a treat, and browsing around trying on clothes or checking out equipment could pass as a favorite hobby for some. These days, shopping has turned into something of a blood sport. Have you seen those Youtube clips of crowds on Black Friday? Very brutal.

That’s why Cyber Monday is now slowly taking the throne as the biggest shopping day of the year. People would much rather enjoy sitting at home in their PJs and sipping coffee while shopping than brave the rambunctious crowd and risk getting trampled over.

While online shopping is gaining popularity, there are still some aspects to it that consumers are still not happy with. Yes you are safe at home, but doing things online can still run the risks of technical issues that go awry. Some common ones are:

Inability to see the item full range. Sure an image of a model wearing the dress is helpful but it’s still a little tricky to visualize how it would look with just a flat image.

Lack of customer service. Yes, online shopping is a pleasant solitary experience, but we still have to ask questions! It is frustrating for a customer to want to ask about shipping, discounts, or return policy if they cannot find the information on the site and there is no one to ask.

General tech malfunctions. Website freezing up, lost data, server error, etc. Whereas going to a physical store to shop is simply to select item, purchase, then leave, buying online comes with the risks of many tech issues.

As an e-commerce business owner, you don’t want your customers to go through all that. That’s why first things first, you have to make sure the software you are using has been proven as a reliable and successful program. Shopify has been consistently ranked as a top e-commerce platform for years and for good reason.

With Shopify, customers will be able to rotate images by 90, 180 or 270-degree angles so they can get a better view of the product. Shopify also has several apps to integrate customer support and live chat into your store. Also, this software has set up monitors that detect intrusions and hacker attempts, and are always updating their security. They are also certified PCI compliant, having the top standard in protecting customer credit card information.

So when you are ready to give your customers the best and smoothest e-commerce experience, try out Shopify. Combine that with the power of email marketing with the Benchmark Email Shopify integration and your business will become unstoppable!