The social media age may certainly be upon us, but it has barely made a dent in the ability of email marketing to drive traffic to websites. ForeSee Results just released their Social Media Marketing Report based on a survey of visitors to top websites in order to determine what was their primary influence for visiting that site. The survey found that email marketing was noted as the cause of the visit more than three times more often than interaction on a social network.

Email Is the Number One Source of Driving Traffic to Websites

The ForeSee Results statistics were especially striking in their breakdown of how website visitors prefer to hear about sales and promotions. A staggering 64% of Americans preferred to receive email marketing newsletters and the rest of the field wasn’t even close. Indeed, email marketing was in first place by more than 2.5 times the preference! Second was postal mail at 25%, and the company website was in third place at 21%. Way back in fifth place with only 8% of the preferences are social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – behind television at 11%. Even the trend of sending mobile phone text messages or alerts suffered miserably in this survey, with only 5% of all respondents stating that it was their preferred method of learning about promotions and sales.

Email Marketing Is Second to Word of Mouth by Just 1%

Email marketing scores at the very top of all of the measures of the customer experience as well. A remarkable 73% of all respondents stated they were satisfied with the email marketing messages that triggered their visit. As to their likelihood to actually purchase the promoted product or service online, email marketing was tied with website and brand familiarity at 75%! When it came to the customers’ likelihood to recommend a particular product or service, familiarity came first at 76%, followed by word of mouth recommendation from someone they personally knew at 75%. Email marketing came in at a truly phenomenal 74%, ahead of the remaining means.

Nine Out of Ten Americans Want to Receive Promotional Communications

The ForeSee Results survey also discounted the old chestnut that most customers would rather not receive any form of communication about promoted sales: Only 10% of all Americans stated that they don’t want to receive such communications, leaving nine out of every ten expecting and looking forward to receiving company and brand information through the various methods.

Only 2% of Britons Prefer Social Media over Email Marketing

ForeSee Results conducted surveys both in the United States and the United Kingdom and the trouncing that email marketing gave social network websites was even more pronounced in Britain. In the UK, 62% of all respondents stated that they preferred to hear about sales and promotions through email marketing campaigns, while only 2% said that they would rather find out about them via social networking websites! Traditional media performed very badly in the opinions of both the USA and UK survey respondents. Radio was the preferred vector for only 3% of Americans and 1% of Britons. The figure for newspaper and magazine preference was so statistically insignificant that it was simply lumped into Other, with 2% of Americans and 1% of Britons preferring that method.

The ForeSee Results survey proves that even in the full bloom of the social media age, there is no substitute for the reach, effectiveness, and power of email marketing!