There exist a wealth of promotional channels available to the online marketer to engage their customer base and even through the massive expansion of the social media galaxy and the incalculable proliferation of mobile platforms there is still no alternative to email marketing. Although some may claim that email marketing does not have the cachet of the flashier vectors available to the online marketer that is essentially an irrelevant argument. The proof of the pudding is always in the eating, and email performs on the bottom line. While email marketing may not be capturing the hype headlines of social media options your brand doesn’t pay its bills with hype but with money … and email marketing year after year continues to provide the most effective, efficient, and lucrative way to reach out to your customer.

More people have access to email than a toilet

In a world with 7.1 billion people there are 4.3 billion email accounts, and this already astounding figure is expected to rise to over 5.2 billion in just four years according to the Radicati Group. So much for the naysayers who claim that the email market is saturated! Oh, and by the way, there are more people who have access to email in the world than have access to a toilet! You can read into that what you will!

Email outperforms social media marketing by more than half

Social media has proven to be an overall disappointment when it comes to converting a relationship with a prospect to a sale by a customer. According to a recent Econsultancy poll of major marketers, 66% of them rated their email marketing results as good to excellent as compared to social media which scored only 41%. With email outperforming social media marketing by more than half in this poll, you really don’t need too much more justification to arrive at the determination that email marketing is where you should be focusing your marketing efforts.

Nothing beats email marketing when it comes to lead generation

Lead generation is one of the most popular uses for email marketing and for good reason: It works! A recent report by Circle Research has proven that email marketing is the single most effective way to solicit new leads. In their poll of major marketers they have found that an astounding 88% of them agree that email is the most valuable tactic available to generate new leads, beating social media, search engines, paid advertising, and everything else!

Smaller email lists provide greater ROI

There are a myriad of goals for any brand marketing initiative, but the most fundamental of them all is Return On Investment (ROI). There’s really no point investing money into anything unless you can expect to make a profit on it! The Direct Marketing Association has determined that email marketers enjoy a 40:1 ROI, and Marketing Sherpa has actually discovered that there is a direct statistical relationship between the number of messages per month sent by email marketers and the ROI. Marketers which send out over 100,000 messages per month score 94 percent of the ROI baseline while those brands which are more individually targeted and therefore have smaller lists, sending less than 100,000 messages per month, score at 139% of the baseline! Size isn’t everything!

The most amazing statistic of them all, however, is the absolutely unbelievable finding that fully 39% of all marketers have absolutely no strategy for mobile email! While the majority of their customers are opening their brands’ missives on smartphones and tablets, nearly two out of every five brand marketers continue on their stubbornly myopic path of catering only to desktop/laptop computer displays. This abject failure to understand what is happening among their customer base and be able to cater to their requirements and preferences is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Continuing to provide PC-type emails to the huge mobile market simply makes no sense. Due to their apparent inability to embrace what has become the prevailing trend in customer device preference, these marketers have effectively surrendered their entire marketing campaigns to the competitors who actually have a clue! I just hope you’re not one of them!