We still haven’t gotten over the excitement from the launch of our new email designer. The drag-and-drop email editor has been cranking out more beautiful emails than ever before. We’re not content to sit back and relax and enjoy reading the responsive emails our new email builder creates. No. That’s not Benchmark. We’re already rolling out new improvements to the email designer. We present to you, Email Designer v 1.1.

So what’s new? Beginning 10/14:

It starts with the addition of the Navigation Bar Block. Now, replicating the look, feel and branding of your website is easier than ever before. Simply drag the navigation bar block into your email template. It can mirror the menu navigation of your website by inserting icons or text links. Check it out:

There’s more fun stuff for you too. We’ve added additional mobile stylings. You can decide how you’d like to stack individual elements within a section, instead of them being side by side. For features such as social follow and social share, your subscribers will be able to easily hit the correct button on any mobile device.

Plus, in the Dual View HTML Editor, you can view HTML code and the rendered design at the same time. Build your emails directly through our tool and see the updates as you hit save.

And last, but certainly not least … you can now create and edit emails 8x times faster!