Although we have seen improvements, we are also seeing signs that indicate the economy is still climbing out of what has been called the worst financial blow since the Great Depression. These hard times have left their stamp on consumers and businesses of all sizes. If you run a business, you probably know firsthand how hard it is to consistently meet your sales goals and hold onto customers. Luckily, Email marketers in the business of selling products or services are constantly on the prowl for new customers. It only makes sense as conventional wisdom tells us that the more customers we have, the more sales we will be able to make. While there is definitely nothing wrong with this line of thinking, it may be wise to adopt a different mindset in the recession. Consumers are spending their budgets wisely these days, and doing business with you may not be in the cards. Realizing this could be the case, it might be best to focus on the customers you already have. Instead of trying to capture new business, structure your email marketing strategy to generate repeat sales from your existing customers.

Meld Other Marketing Efforts

Email marketing is well suited for the current recession. It’s cheap, easy to manage and extremely adaptable. This technique is highly efficient on its own but becomes even more effective when allowed to play with others. Search advertising, direct mail and mobile marketing are just some of the tactics you can integrate with email into a single campaign. The key to making this type of strategy work is to keep your message consistent and direct the proper energy to each channel.

Measure Your Success

The only way to truly have success with email marketing in the midst of a recession is to know how you’re doing and what you’re getting back for your efforts. You need to know how many people are actually opening your messages, clicking the links, making a purchase and coming back for more. You can still enjoy a measure of success without some of this knowledge, but you could also see wasted efforts and lost investments as well. A system designed to track the customer experience should be a part of every marketing strategy. Luckily, your friendly neighborhood email marketing company makes a number of different metrics available to you, right alongside efficient features, affordable prices and quality customer service.

Several companies are using email marketing to sustain the business during the recession. It is the perfect tool to drive you to your audience, build relationships, and stay connected. Execute your strategy correctly, and it can be the tool that enables your business to thrive no matter what the rugged economy throws your way.