Wineries from the smallest family vineyards to the largest international corporate producers are adopting email marketing as their primary promotional platform. The reasons can be reviewed as they relate to some of the best varietals.

Email Marketing Is like a Chardonnay

Chardonnay is the most popular white wine in the world with nearly half a million acres planted. Similarly, email marketing is the most popular online outreach strategy available, representing the first choice of nearly half of all product marketers. The reason for such overwhelming popularity is email marketing’s indisputable and unique ability to deliver custom-tailored messages to any wine consumer anywhere in the world.

Email Marketing Is like an Eiswein

Naturally frozen ice wines from Canada, Germany and Austria can demand a price several times higher than would be expected from a conventional unfrozen variety, thus providing an extremely elevated Return On Investment (ROI). Seeking lucrative ROIs, wineries throughout the world have embraced email marketing due to its unparalleled return of close to fifty times the monetary value of the email newsletter campaign cost.

Email Marketing Is like a Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon gains depth and character from blending with complementary varietals such as a perfumed Cabernet Franc or a fruity Merlot, just like email marketing’s reach and effectiveness can be maximized by blending it with a harmonized social networking strategy. Through the irresistible combination of the power of email marketing with the influence of social networking, the sum, like a fine Cabernet Sauvignon, becomes greater than its parts.

Email Marketing Is like a Riesling

At first the nomenclatures can be confusing, as it seems as if the jargon of click-throughs, metrics, segmentation and double opt-in can be as befuddling as the unpronounceable appellation, vineyard, producer and style names on German Riesling labels. However, just like a good Riesling, email marketing can provide rewards to the connoisseur that far outweigh the temporary struggles with the learning curve. Email marketing is a “truly noble” promotional strategy that has all the characteristics necessary to become an absolute favorite.

Email Marketing Is like a Gewürztraminer

Gewürz in German translates to “spicy” and email marketing is certainly the spice that makes any overall marketing strategy stand out and make a lasting impact on the wine consumer. Just like the spicy tones of a wonderful Gewürztraminer linger on the palate long after the sip, email marketing creates a lasting impression among your subscribers that will keep your brands at the top of their tasting list.

Email Marketing Is like a Pinot Noir

Vinifying a Pinot Noir by drawing flavor and color from the grape skins while avoiding the extraction of excessive tannin is a challenge that requires an expert hand. Email marketing also requires professional experience in all aspects of templating, list management, personalization, scheduling, delivery, reporting and multimedia integration. Just like no winery should attempt creating a fine Pinot Noir without being able to rely on the knowledge and wisdom of an expert vintner, no email marketer should ever consider engaging in an email campaign without applying the mastery of an established, renowned email marketing company.

The wine consumer can be particularly engaged with a comprehensive email marketing campaign, and if your winery is not profiting from this most effective promotional strategy, you’re sleeping through the harvest!