The sky is falling, the sky is falling… according to a handful of email industry Chicken Littles who continue to insist that metrics are in freefall and that email marketing is not as effective as in the good old days when you could blast a list of a few million poor hapless consumers and see the results on your bottom line within nanoseconds. The actual truth is that those good old days were anything but good, those results were illusory at best, and that the email marketing industry has matured significantly since then to be an integral part of a far more effective and respectable business sector of legitimate online marketers. And as for the part about the metrics falling? They’re wrong there too! Metrics are heading for the stratosphere and email marketing is a more powerful channel than ever before!

Overall open rates are trending up up up

A recent study released by EMarketer entitled Email Marketing Benchmarks: Key Data, Trends and Metrics shows that across the board overall email marketing performance metrics have actually risen significantly in the past couple of years. Non-bounce has gone from 94.7% to 96.5% in that time and open rates have rocketed up significantly from 22.4% to 26.2%. That translates into 17% more emails being opened today than they were just two years ago! Amazed? We have barely started to astound you with the stellar performance and prospects of the email marketing industry.

Email users increasing by 2 x USAs’ population in just 4 years

There were 172.6 million adult U.S. email users in 2010 but this year the total is expected to exceed 193.1 million, rising to a staggering 202 million in 2016. That’s another 17% jump, or the equivalent of pretty well the entire population of Canada being added to adult email users in just six years! Yikes! That’s a whole lot of email readers! When you look at the international numbers it’s even more impressive. There were 2.17 billion email users worldwide in 2012, it’s up to 2.46 billion today and that total will reach 2.76 billion in 2016. That’s just the total population of every man, woman, and child in the United States of America twice over in just four years! Holy email explosion, Batman!

A billion new email accounts in 4 years

The number of email accounts are also headed for the skies. It’s hard to believe that between 2012 and 2016 the actual mass of email addys is going to increase by a billion! That’s one thousand million more email addresses which are going to be ready and ripe and waiting for your expertly crafted email marketing missives to get them to convert. Imagine that if you just get a bare minimum 1% conversion rate on a billion new email accounts, you can count on closing ten million more sales! That figure simply belies belief!

Some specific industry sectors are way over-performing

Particular industry sectors are seeing absolutely jaw dropping metrics in various categories. If you’re in the Consumer Products – Packaged Goods, Financial Services, or Consumer Publishing & Media sector you’re seeing a click through rate of 5.7%! That’s a rate that any self-respecting email marketer would be happy to give their eye teeth for. Financial Services also leads all other sectors in the open rate. A totally unbelievable 38.4% of all of their email marketing missives are actually opened by their email subscribers which is a rate which exceeds the average by 47%! Of course if you’re in Travel & Hospitality you can’t complain about your industry’s 36.2% open rate either! I hope you’re sitting down if you’re a member of the Consumer Publishing & Media sector as you’re getting a click to open rate of 38.1% which is nearly double the average. Whatever you publishing and media people are doing, just keep doing it, as you sure are doing it right!

So, are you taking advantage of these burgeoning numbers or are you just still siding with the lunatic fringe naysayers who insist that email is a dying art? It all depends whether you’re a savvy, wise, and well informed email marketers or just a… lunatic!