RSS rose to fame in the earlier stages of the internet’s Web 2.0. era. Short for Really Simple Syndication, it is a convenient web service that benefits both the reader and content publisher. And though it has lost a bit of its shine from a mainstream viewpoint, RSS can still prove quite beneficial to the marketer.

How It Works

RSS feeds are based on a pretty straightforward concept. They are simple XML text files that link to blog content and allow readers to stay on top of the latest updates. Once a user subscribes to a feed, they are alerted almost as soon as the site is updated. This means the reader doesn’t have to keep coming back to check for updates, which is great for the publisher because repeat visits are never guaranteed. Get visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed and you establish the connections that enable you to build relationships.

Now some say that it is less important in times when news and updates travel through Twitter and other social outlets, but RSS is still a valuable tool. This convenient service is even more powerful when coupled with Benchmark Email’s RSS to Email feature.

Blog Updates in the Inbox

The Benchmark Email RSS to Email feature couldn’t be easier to use. Simply enable the function in your account, customize a template to your liking and our system handles the rest. Whenever you publish a new blog post, an update is automatically sent out in the form of an email, providing an easy way for your readers to stay in the know. Subscribers can read everything from the comfort of their mail client while you can ensure that your posts are seen. RSS to Email fully integrates with your feeds to deliver the blog experience in the inbox.

Perhaps the best thing about our RSS to Email feature is that it provides you with a comfortable level of control over the process. For instance, you have the freedom to determine the sending schedule based on a monthly, weekly or daily frequency. Worried about compatibility? Don’t be, because RSS to Email supports all the popular blog platforms and even allows you to incorporate multiple feeds. If your blog currently has a feed then we can help you easily integrate it with your email campaigns, ensuring that a lack of content is never an issue.

Don’t Sleep on the Power of RSS

Like many services that were introduced in the pre-social media era of the internet, RSS is no longer as sexy as it used to be. The social networks have changed the way we find content online, and older methods are increasingly becoming obsolete. However, RSS is one service that has maintained its worth through it all. Use it correctly and it can help your blog see more traffic, readers and business.