In a recent interview with eMarketer, Marla Skiko, Director of Digital Innovation for full-service media agency Starcom Medivest Group’s SMG Multicultural division, spoke of how more Hispanic users are adopting the internet and digital technologies in general. Skiko’s insight is backed by research that highlights some potentially effective ways to market to digital-savvy Hispanic consumers.

Create a Social Media Presence

According to Marla Skiko’s chat with eMarketer, social media is currently a big hit with consumers in the Hispanic community. Aside from just being the in thing, Skiko believes that the reason for this is the tight-knit community aspect that embodies both social media and the typical family of Spanish and Latin-American descent. She believes marketers can garner positive results by using the social channel to engage these users with relevant content that sparks conversations.

Use Google Search to Increase Visibility

Probably no surprise here, but a recent report from ClickZ shows that 93% of Latinos use Google to conduct their searches online. There are other options of course, but Google appears to be the answer for increasing visibility and traffic with these consumers. Making the search giant the central focus of your SEO strategy is key to reaching this demographic via search.

Develop a Mobile Strategy

When it comes to targeting Hispanic consumers, research shows that tremendous marketing opportunities lie in mobile. According to a study conducted by Google, more than 40% use their smartphones for price comparisons and locating retailers. In addition, data from Experian Hitwise shows that Hispanics make up a sizable portion of iPhone users as they account for 24% of the population. With what we learned above, this could indicate that a strategy combining social, search and mobile could be the best way to market to these consumers.

As more Hispanics embrace the digital landscape, it becomes clear to see that marketing to this demographic doesn’t have to be so hard after all. This segment of your email contacts are increasingly using the same channels and showing the same interests as the overall population. As with every segment, targeting them successfully is all about understanding the wants, needs and preferences of the individuals in the group, opposed to the group as a whole.