Ever since blogging jumped from hobby to business essential, marketers have wondered how to effectively promote posts via email. The issue? Many thought email delivers in spades to promote goods, services and events, but when it came to blogging, few could see an email newsletter as more than a simple alternative to an RSS alert.

Enter the MacRo Report. The team behind the company’s real estate blog understood that email could be used to list out the post of the day, but it could do far better to promote what readers missed in the last week. For this reason, MacRo Report Blog wins our Best Blog Promotion Award.

Each week, MacRo Report readers get an email in their inbox promoting three MacRo Report blog posts written in the past seven days. These teasers can range from info on hot properties to educational graphs to essential reports on the state of the real estate market. Instead of giving away everything, however, the team uses a paragraph with a link that sends people back to each post in full.

The key to MacRo Report’s emails is simple choice. If a subscriber is interested in one of the teased blog posts, a link sends them immediately back to exactly what they want to read, without them having to scroll through other blog posts that simply don’t interest them. If readers aren’t interested in any of the three stories, they simply go about their business until the next blog-related email from MacRo shows up.

The team behind MacRo understands that many people love to read blogs but they don’t always have time to visit their favorites on a regular basis. The weekly blog tease reminds readers that the blog is alive and kicking, but it also invites them to stop in for compelling weekly content.

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