Here at Benchmark, we love contests like we love chocolate ice cream late at night. If a contest is promoted by email in an effective yet simple way, it’s even better. Thanks to a short, straightforward subject line, a smart email design and a very easy way to enter their contest, Complections Makeup Academy wins our award for Best Contest Promotion.

The Complections contest was created to celebrate the school’s nearly 3,000 Facebook Likes. Details were featured in an email with the short subject line “Complections Newsletter: Facebook Contest!”, which immediately narrowed down the target audience to contest lovers who had (or planned to create) accounts with the social network.

Inside the email, the prize, a small makeup kit, was showcased in bright, bold colors and a short, clean paragraph gave the 5 W’s to readers. At the end of the copy was a Facebook-linked button, that warped subscribers over to the Complection Facebook page featuring the Like button. One button, one click, one entry. It doesn’t get easier than that.

If you’ve ever entered a high-profile contest, you’ve probably seen the rules page: a sea of tiny print featuring complex legal jargon. But the creative team behind Complection has proven that when it comes to promoting a chance to win, look to simplicity to really succeed.

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