Hey everybody! I’m coming to you live today from sunny San Diego at Email World 2013. It should be an awesome two-day event filled with some of the brightest minds in the world of email marketing. I plan an learning a ton. I’ll be passing my favorite tidbits of information along to y’all as well. I’m even doing it live … or at least as live as the WIFI here will allow. It seems to be working quickly so far. My next battle may be battery life.

Welcome & Keynote – Ryan Deiss – 8:30AM

  • On mobile impact: 3/4 of people admit to using their cell phone while on the toilet … perhaps not so coincidentally, 62% of marketing emails are opened via mobile.
  • On subject lines: 64% of people say they open emails based on subject line alone. Similarly, 69% of people will mark an email spam based on the subject line.
  • Email lists with 10% or more unknown contacts will get only 44% of their email delivered by ISPs.

Grow Your Business with Email & Social – John Walker – 9:30AM

What do I write about?

  • What you know that they don’t.
  • What you have access to that they don’t.
  • Repurpose & reuse content.
  • Post + video = 100% more engagement
  • Post + picture = 120% more engagement

Using Inbound to Humanize Your Email Strategy – Alan Perlman – 10:00AM

  • 63% of marketers cite e-mails the channel that offers the best ROI.

Unrelated to email directly, but please note the value of being entertaining during a presentation. Jokes, no matter how lame, always play. It loosens up the presenter and the audience. Perlman noted his lack of hair versus the photo in his presentation, which he attributed to a beard trimmer mishap. He also toggled between photos of his marketing team posing normally and jumping in the air. Simple stuff, already more engaged with his presentation as he moves forward. Thanks for the chuckle!

Focus on benefits, not features.

9 Factors to Consider When Selecting an ESP – Michael Kelly – 10:30AM

  • 80% of subscribers will delete an email, unread, if it doesn’t appear properly on a mobile device. 20% will go as far as unsubscribing.

I don’t think he said it directly, but it seems to me like Michael Kelly’s “9 Factors to Consider When Selecting an ESP” add up to using Benchmark. 🙂

How To Acquire True Permission-Based Lists & Sales – Elie Ashery – 11:45AM

Piggyback 4 Rules:

  • Be where consumers are already making decisions.
  • Parter with contextually relevant brands.
  • Be transparent with your opt-in process.
  • Immediately follow-up

Split Tests: Email Opt-in, Email Blast and Landing Pages – Justin Rondeau – 12:10PM

  • Only 56% of marketers conduct email tests.
  • Overlay does a great job at increasing subscribes.
  • Subscribers are often more likely to give an email to “pay” for a guide than to tweet for it. As Justin put it (I’m paraphrasing): I’m not a noob. I don’t want to tweet about downloading a Noob Guide. I’d look like a tool.

Lifecycle Marketing: Using Smart Sales Psychology to “Outcool” Your Competition – Dan Ralphs – 2:20PM

I think this is Dan Ralphs. They’ve been playing a little fast and loose with the schedule today, and I got back a bit late from lunch. My apologies. It was the first I’d eaten today, after a breakfast of San Diego traffic.

  • Links or buttons better? The answer is do both!
  • If you have an image of a person in your emails, always make sure they’re looking at the area of action, versus looking straight out.

Oops! That was Ryan Deiss again … it’s been a long day. Now Dan Ralphs is taking the stage. Sorry for the confusion Ryan and Dan.

  • Our one major goal is the get human nature to respond.
  • Learn how to be targeted, timely, relevant and personalized.

The key Psychology points from his example:

  • Authenticity
  • Social Proof
  • Modify message based on behavior
  • Reciprocity
  • Humor
  • Urgency
  • Automate it all

Undercover Email Opt-In Tactics Revealed – Lance Johnson – 3:10

Lance Johnson played outfield for the Cubs and White Sox during my childhood. This is not that Lance Johnson.

The key point from Lance is that whatever method you pick: test, test, test. Markets vary. You need to test in your market.

Create Loyal Email Fans Who Love You – Justin Premick – 3:35PM

Many thanks to Justin for insisting that we take a moment to stretch. It was much needed, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t wondering when nap time was.

People who love you:

  • They keep reading
  • They buy more from you

5 Reasons People Sign Up For (and Read) Email

  • Passion for your topic
  • They want to learn
  • Entertainment
  • Connect with others
  • Financial or other gain

Hitting the Mark – Dave Littlechild – 4:00PM

It didn’t take long for this presenter from across the pond to make a “soy-based meat substitute” joke to his Southern California crowd.

Animated GIFs in emails do work … if you do them right.

Using Real-Time Email Analytics to Drive Sales Calling Campaigns – Craig Klein – 4:55PM

I apologize if these blurbs for each presenter get shorter as the day goes on. I wish I could chalk it up to trying to conserve battery life, but it’s been a long day and my attention wanders when I’ve been sitting for this long.

Real-Time Analytics:

  • Drive higher sales engagement and productivity
  • Emails that focus sales people on pre-qualified leads
  • Emails that have a higher connection

Making the Calls:

  1. Time is of the essence! Same day is best.
  2. Reference the content they viewed.
  3. Be prepared: what to say (gatekeeper, voicemail, prospect), what to ask (qualifying questions)

Email Deliverability Myths & Reality – Justin Premick – 5:15PM

Guess who’s back. Back again. Justin’s back. Tell a friend (or just retweet this post).


  1. Deliverability is BS
  2. If my email is legal, it must get delivered
  3. Deliverability = sent minus bounces
  4. Words like “free” kill deliverability
  5. ESP Relationships
  6. My bad delivery at ISP X means yours is bad, too
  7. If it’s all about complaints, permission doesn’t matter
  8. If someone clicks “Spam,” I’m sunk
  9. Gmail is killing email marketing & delivery
  10. Deliverability is too hard and complicated

Email Marketing & Mobile Text Messaging Marketing – Robert Burko – 5:40PM

  • There’s so many channels, if you’re only focusing on email you’re missing a big part of the picture.
  • Every marketing tactic now helps to grow your mailing list.
  • 3 Keys to Success:
  1. Right Message
  2. Right Person
  3. Right Time