Now, what is the next step after you have an established brand and voice for your company? Appeal to the audience and show them why they desperately need this in their lives!

Strong relationships between company and customers play a vital part in a company’s success. However, at the end of the day, it all boils down to the fact that the customers are coming to seek a certain service from us. So in addition to having a fantastic logo, that logo better have substance!

This is especially important when introducing your company to new customers. Think of new potential customers as little kids going to the beach and sticking their toes into the water for the first time. They want to sample a bit of how it feels first before completely diving in. Same goes for people are looking for a service and testing out different companies to see which ones are best suited for them. So, your logo has caught their attention. Now make a good first impression to show why and how this company can be beneficial for them.

The key points to think about here are: what is your company’s mission, what benefits are there for the customer (incentives for them to stick around) and what makes your company the best resource above the competitors. Going back the example from my last post, why is Nike such a popular sports brand? Sure, they have a snazzy logo, but there must be something athletes are seeking that Nike provides for them. Yes, they produce uniforms with breathable fiber and hyperfuse basketball shoes … but ever notice how the intense, fast-paced commercials just pumps you up and drills in that you a need to jog up the Rocky steps to “Eye of the Tiger?”

Nike’s images and advertisements stimulate our desire to be active, to work hard to achieve your goals and to “Just Do It.” Its brand is fueled with adrenaline that is so appropriate for athletes. Mental motivation to exercise, as well as the athletic products to back it up.

Additionally, Nike is a huge contributor to community service and funding programs to give back to those in need. For one of their programs, Let Me Play, Nike teamed up with China’s Children and Teenagers Fund to launch a new curriculum that combines sports with confidence building activities for students in low-income migrant communities.

From a customer’s perspective, Nike is an all-around professional, top-notch company that produces outstanding products, and brings new opportunities to inspiring athletes. If your customers believe that by using your products and partaking in your company’s beliefs that their lives will change for the better, then you are definitely branding in the right direction!