Yesterday I was reading that there is snow on the ground in 49 out of 50 states. I had to be told Florida was the snowless state. It took me a second to remember how vertically long California is. I forgot that just because it’s 80 degrees in SoCal, it doesn’t mean it won’t be snowing in NorCal. If you’re like me and a dusting of snow is enough to keep you indoors, grab a glass of hot cocoa and learn a bit about email marketing. I promise there’s no more reminders of how nice the weather is here (after this sentence).

Continuing Education with Email Deliverability

A nice little checklist for our more veteran users. Make sure you read this one from RJ. We question how lucid he is later on. Until then, Benchmark Brings You Up-to-Date Email Deliverability Info.

Setting Your Brand’s Policies for Social Media Interaction

Lebron James used Twitter to lash out at his former team, citing karma for a blowout Cavs loss. Wonder how his new employers felt about this? Learn why it’s important to Set Brand Policy for Email Marketing and Social Media.

January 17 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day

MLK Jr. Day is an opportunity to make sure that racial equality continues to be celebrated and improved. Use Benchmark’s New Martin Luther King Day Holiday Email Templates and remind your subscribers of the many great things that MLK Jr. was able to accomplish. Honor him on this day, and all others. Make sure his efforts will never go for naught.

Groupon Offers a Lesson in Email Promotion

Read as I humbly brag about my apartment being so clean that I didn’t order maid service for $0. Also find out how Groupon Both Succeeds and Falters at Email Promotion.

Understanding & Configuring SPF Records

I know what you’re thinking. What does suntan lotion have to do with email marketing? So was I. Thankfully our Benchmark Support Team was looking out for us all. Read all about Understanding & Configuring SPF Records…so your emails won’t get freckles.

Creating an Email Marketing Plan – Who is Your Audience?

Still missing Lost? We’ve got a far less confusing series for you. We’ll all be weighing in at some point. First off we’ve got Paul telling you all about Creating an Email Marketing Plan – Who Is Your Audience?

New Benchmark Feature: Email Capacity Notification

The best warning notification since “Danger, Will Robinson.” I said it. Check out our new email capacity notification that will help you avoid overages.

The Subject Line, Friend or Foe?

RJ is making friends with subject lines. Should we be worried about him? Decide for yourself, and learn about the Email Subject Line: A Spam Warning Sign.

Creating Dynamic Drip Campaigns

Autoresponders are an easy and effective email marketing tool. I’ve called them the Ronco “Set It and Forget It” of the email marketing world. Learn how to Create Dynamic Drip Email Campaigns with Benchmark Email.