In the US, Labor Day is in September. Elsewhere, it is May 1st. This caused some major confusion in our office this week. I saw that I had Labor Day on my holiday blog schedule and immediately got excited about having a long weekend. My co-worker was quick to correct me, saying Labor Day was in September and that Memorial Day isn’t until the end of May. Bummer.

So what caused this confusion? In some places, it’s May Day. In Mexico, it’s Primero de Mayo and it’s a national holiday that honors workers (sounds like Labor Day, right?).

Regardless of which holiday or the name of the holiday that falls on May 1st, it serves a good point about list segmentation. You don’t want to send a broad, general campaign that alienates some of your subscribers. You’ll have some wondering what May Day is and others wondering why you didn’t want to wish them a great Primero de Mayo.

It may be confusing, but it won’t be if you segment your lists properly. Customize a Benchmark email template and send your subscribers a region appropriate holiday greeting. The attention to detail will be appreciated by your subscribers.