Sometimes you find yourself at a dinner party, a community event or maybe even just the local park talking with someone who’s interested in knowing more about your business. Then you mention your newsletter and they decide they want to sign up. This would be a great moment for your business because it means another subscriber to add to your contact list!

More than likely, there will not be a computer nearby and signing up will have to wait until a more convenient time. You decide to give them your business card and they promise to sign up as soon as they get home. But what if they forget to sign up? They may lose your business card altogether. Even if you take down their email address to sign them up manually, it is possible that you could forget as well.

Thankfully, these fears can all be put to rest with our smartphone solution that gets them signed up in seconds. You can use this feature even if you do not have a smartphone yourself.

Here’s how you can post a QR Code at your next event or at your business pointing your customers to your Benchmark Email mailing list signup form:

  1. Inside the Benchmark dashboard, click on the List Tab.
  2. Click on the Signup Forms link from the submenu of the List tab.
  3. On the last step of the signup form creation process (towards the very bottom of the page) you can find the QR Code of your Signup Form.

By printing this code, you have the flexibility of placing it anywhere your customers will be able to see it. Scanning the code is so much easier than trying to type in your company URL, which will entice more people to sign up.

You may be thinking, “Why not just place this code as an image on my website?” and skip printing it out. Placing it on your website is definitely an option, but if the user is already on a computer it’s easier to just click a link than it is to scan the image with a phone. The code will be simply wasting space on your site. You are better off printing your code and keeping it on hand. You may even want to add it to your next set of business cards.

QR-Reading Apps

For iPhone: For Android: For Blackberry:
Neoreader Barcode Scanner Upcode
Optiscan Beetagg