If you grew up around the time that I did, you’ll recall those Miss Cleo infomercials. Call this 800 number and have your fortune told. I was too young to have a credit card, so I’m heading into my future blind. Not with everything, though. No. Benchmark Email has provided me and anyone using our tools with a bit of a crystal ball of our own. Inbox Checker lets you see how your email campaigns will appear on any device and/or inbox client.

If you’re the one in charge of email marketing for your company, you’ve probably gone desk to desk, asking coworkers to see how your latest email campaign looks on their various devices. It’s exhausting. Thanks to Inbox Checker it’s also unnecessary.

Included in every Benchmark account, for free, is Gmail (Explorer) and Outlook 2003. They’re both frequently used inbox clients. You can test for Email Clients and Spam Filters. Plus, for $14 you can add 100 tests to run the gamut of inbox clients and devices. With new gadgets and gizmos coming out every day it’s important to stay on the forefront. The time you’ll save while opening all those test emails on various browsers, devices … is worth the cost of the additional tests alone.

The Inbox Checker may not have the memorable infomercials that Miss Cleo did, but its powers are far more real. However, if you’re using our Email Designer it shouldn’t even matter. That’s because our Email Designer creates responsive emails ready for any device and inbox client. The Inbox Checker is still there … for those of you prone to being an email marketing perfectionist (or just neurotic like me).