Email marketing is kind of like archery. A bullseye would be a conversion on the goal of your email. Making a sale, getting someone to register for your events, etc. However, there are varying levels of success. Hitting the target, but not the bullseye, could mean raising brand or product awareness. Even a complete misfire, in the form of an unopened email, could just be branding in terms of a subscriber seeing your name in their inbox from time to time. Benchmark Email has introduced a way to make the whole target the bullseye. Enter Targeted Emailing.

Targeted Emailing allows you to identify specific groups of your subscribers. You can discover your biggest fans. The ones who open every single email you send and/or the ones who click on the most links. You could offer a special promotion to the people you know most look forward to your email campaigns.

General Clicks and Opens

Gone are the days of wondering who the individuals are with which your email campaigns are most successful. You can identify your most loyal subscribers by seeing the group that clicks and opens your emails the most. You could establish a loyalty program with that information or find other ways to reward your biggest fans.

With this option, you can choose from the last 50 sent campaigns (that are at least three days are older). Select the campaigns you’d like and your most loyal subscribers will be revealed. Then you’ll have the option to decide if you want this list to be based on all of the emails you’ve selected or some (or one) of the email(s) selected. Then pick if you want the list to be determined by Clicks or Opens. Create the list and fire away at that bullseye.

Click Focus

The process is similar for this option. However, instead of picking between opens or clicks, you can identify the specific links clicked to identify engaged subscribers. There’s big advantages to this option. You can created targeted lists based on specific lines of products, to make sure you’re sending the most relevant content to your subscribers.

Say you’re a clothing store that offers clothing for both men and women. Sure, some customers may shop for themselves and a significant other, but there’s probably also those that don’t care to see the latest trends for the opposite sex. Same applies to a pet store and cat or dog owners, etc.

Discover the Unengaged

Equally as valuable as discovering a list for the above two categories, is the ability to know who is not engaging with your email campaigns at all. You can do this through the General Clicks and Opens option. With that important information of who is ignoring your emails at hand, you can do a few things. One is to simply clean your list of these addresses. You don’t need to be sending to individuals that don’t want to hear from you. It will save you money on your list size and improve your deliverability.

Another option is to attempt a reengagement campaign with this inactive subscriber list. Try something whacky or outside the box. You may get their attention when you try something new. If this fails, then you can clean your list as mentioned above and reap those benefits.

How to do Targeted Emailing

Targeted Emailing is included with any paid Benchmark Email account. Simply login to your Benchmark Email account and select Targeting Emailing under the Tools tab at the too of your dashboard. Choose which option you want and follow the instructions from there. The path to hitting your bullseye has never been easier.

With Targeted Emailing, you can be the Katniss Everdeen of email marketing. Did you really think I was going to get through a whole blog post that touched on archery and not squeeze in a Hunger Games reference? Shame on you (but probably mostly on me).