In Spain and Latin America, Christmas Eve goes by another name. In these places, people celebrate Nochebuena. During the Christmas season, this is the real party. Family and friends gather for a large meal that often begins late in the evening. The party will keep on going, only stopping for those that attend midnight mass. Presents are opened at the stroke of midnight. Christmas Day is almost an afterthought for those that celebrate Nochebuena.

One traditional lyric for Nochebuena tells it all: “Esta noche es Nochebuena, y no es noche de dormir.” This translates to: “Tonight is the good night, and it is not meant for sleeping.” Granted, that could be the theme song for my college years, but it sums up Nochebuena well too.

We’ve talked a lot about whether to wish your subscribers a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah or a Season’s Greetings. Have you even thought to wish your subscribers in Spain and Latin America a Feliz Nochebuena? It may just be what sets you apart from your competitors in those countries. Customize a Benchmark template today, and send out that email campaign for Nochebuena.

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