I am a walking pop culture encyclopedia. I can hold entire conversations by only spewing movie lines. There is one show, however, that gets quoted more often than any other. That would, of course, be Seinfeld. There is hardly a situation in my life that I can’t compare to an episode of Seinfeld.

When I was in college, I had a roommate that was as equally obsessed with the show as I am. He was student teaching the year I lived with him. He would return home from teaching about the same time I was done with my own classes. Coincidentally, this was also the time that an hour-long block of syndicated Seinfeld would hit the air. We’d each take our regular spots on our own couches, and by the end of the hour we’d both be sound asleep. Who says nap time is just for preschool?

There are many classic Seinfeld episodes. To say the Festivus episode is the best of them all would leave out so many more greats. Soup Nazi, the Puffy Shirt, and many others may have something to say about that. Religious holidays aren’t for everyone. However, “Festivus is for the rest of us!”

Here are the details on Festivus, to share with your readers. Perhaps you can even share your favorite Seinfeld episode. We’d love to hear them in the comments too.

– Rather than a tree, there is an unadorned aluminum Festivus pole

– Airing of Grievances (my family doesn’t even need a holiday for this one): done once the meal has been served. Here one airs their grievances about others and the world in general and how they have been disappointed this year.

– Feats of Strength: After the meal has been completed, the head of the household challenges one guest to a wrestling match. While I am a sucker for tradition, I don’t necessarily condone violence.

Sometimes getting a laugh out of your subscribers is as good a reason as any to send an email campaign. Many companies stick to the generic “happy holidays” campaigns around this time of year. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, because it isn’t. However, you may just be remembered for sending a Festivus email.

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