Chances are there are countless comments about your brand, favorable and otherwise, on a plethora of social networks. The positive personal endorsements are overwhelmingly powerful persuaders, and if harnessed correctly, they can form the core of a trend-setting, innovative email marketing program.

Overcoming Customer Resistance To The Email Pitch

We have all been barraged by email pitches since the dawn of the Internet era, and there is undoubtedly a certain level of resistance that has evolved among the readers. Even though email marketers today are far more subtle and relevant than they were in the Paleolithic age, the bottom line is that an ad is an ad is an ad. We can try to discuss lifecycle and transactional communications until Steve Jobs buys Microsoft stock, but there is no escaping the latter word in “email marketing.”

Harness Your Customers’ Kudos To Win Over More Customers

It is interesting to note that any brand that can even remotely be construed as “major” has a remarkable amount of content about it out there on the wild wild web. It has been created not by its marketing department, but by its customers. Your brand’s buyers are chatting about it all the time on social networks, their blogs or forum comments. Granted, much of this content is essentially idle, sophomoric chatter composed of monosyllabic grunting with the odd expletive thrown in for good measure. However, there is content being created by your customers that is not only coherent and comprehensible, but also incorporates a credibility quotient, which your marketing writers can never hope to achieve. It turns out that in the online multiverse where everybody talks about everything all the time, there is nothing more convincing than the kudos from a satisfied customer.

A Real Consumer Conversation Trumps Any Synthetic Marketing Ploy

Harnessing the power of these everyman endorsements is not a case of just kludging together semi-anonymous one-line testimonials, as that is far too ol’ skool to be effective. Everyone has read the glowing praise Kevin R. from Milwaukee has bestowed on the Wackamatic 3000 and nobody believes it: either the hype or that Kevin actually exists. The proficient way to leverage all of this acclaim floating around cyberspace is to develop a dynamic email template that can cherry pick the best real comments from real people on the social media web and condense it into a consumer conversation that scores off the chart in relevance.

Put Your Customers In Control Of Their Own Marketing Messages

The crux of social media marketing is developing to be the tenet that an endorsement from the most popular sports or media star of the moment doesn’t hold a candle to Auntie Gladys telling you “this stuff works!” People are always going to give greater credence to real people than to synthetic marketers. Since there are real people out there talking about your brand, why ignore them? After all, their words carry considerably more weight than yours ever will, and they carry with them a guarantee of engagement to an entire sector of consumers who are currently ignoring you!

Work out a customized, vigorous, and totally empathic structure where this online commentary about your brand can be successfully applied to your marketing efforts and put your customers in control of their own marketing messages. You will soon realize the momentous benefits of people power working for you!

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