Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a marvelous Christmas weekend, whether you were celebrating the holiday or not. I left rainy LA to find sunshine and no snow in Colorado. Go figure. I come back to more rain and enough wind to turn my street into a palm tree obstacle course. Still better than blizzards though! You can see all our bloggers had their minds on New Year’s celebrations, whether they want to admit it or not. Two of them wrote about libations.

HTML Tips & Tricks #4 – Adding Links

Learn how to add links to your email newsletters using HTML. Fans of the movie Airplane should enjoy Pierce’s example. He borders on speaking jive. Make sure you follow the HTML Tips & Tricks #4 – Adding links. As the old lady on the plane says, “Chump don’ want no help, chump don’t GET da’ help!”

What Email Marketers Can Learn from the Antivirus Apocalypse

Things go wrong from time to time. It’s an unavoidable truth. One major antivirus company hit a bit of a snafu recently. How a company deals with this issue will determine how the public views them, and ultimately the success of that company. See How Smart Email Marketers Fix Their Mistakes.

Customize a New Year’s Day Template to Share the Love

Nothing will cure your post New Year’s celebrations headache like an email campaign from your favorite business. Obviously. Welcome your subscribers to a fresh start by customizing a Benchmark Email Template for New Year’s Day.

New Feature: Add Personal Greetings

Holiday time! New toys! Yes, we’re calling our new features toys. Now you can put a personalized greeting in all your emails. Just like you did on all those holiday cards. Except none of your emails will say they’re from Santa…I hope.

Wined, Dined, but Not On Your List This Time

I’m sure you only read this far because I told you there would be talk about adult beverages in this blog. Well, we’ve arrived. Paul talks about his trip to a winery and how they missed out on a few opportunities to collect email addresses for their list. Read the post, and ask yourself: Does Your Business Recognize the Opportunity for Email Advertising?

Benchmark Email Presents: Winery Email Marketing

This time of the year is a great time to be in the beverage business. Though, now that I think of it, any time of the year may be a good time. Whatever the date reads on your calendar, you can benefit from our new Winery Email Advertising How To Guide.