In the age of “everybody’s a winner” and ninth place ribbons, we bring you Compliment Day. That’s right. A whole day, a “holiday” if you will, that is dedicated to paying compliments. Technically we missed this one, but that’s no reason for you not to wish someone a belated compliment! It is a day that is supposed to bring a positive tone both at home and the office.

In doing research, I discovered that Compliment Day was created in 1998 by two women who were giving personal growth seminars. I think it would be a lot funnier if it was created by disgruntled employees who feel their bosses never validate their hard work.

In my head I see a boss, realizing that it’s January 24th (officially Compliment Day) and he or she hasn’t prepared any compliments for their employees. He/She walks into the office and sees one employee and compliments him on his posture. The next employee is complimented on the swift nature of her typing. Swing and a miss there, boss.

Don’t leave your subscribers in this awkward position. Pay them sincere compliments. Customize a free Benchmark Compliment Day email marketing template and you’ll have your subscribers beaming from ear to ear. Thank them for reading faithfully and providing great feedback. Remind them that it is Compliment Day (or at least it was on the 24th) and that they should be paying it forward to others. This is a day that you are supposed to be honest with your compliments. I prefer the sarcastic approach, but wouldn’t suggest it. Sarcasm is often hard to pick up on while reading and you don’t want to offend your subscribers on Compliment Day. That would be sacrilege.

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