The pet and veterinary business does everything from providing us with the joy of a new healthy puppy to making sure livestock is fit for consumption, and the innate industry variety makes it difficult to reach out to customers efficiently and effectively through traditional forms of advertising. So how can a pet and veterinary owner reach out to their customer base without leaving anyone behind? Benchmark Email can help round up your whole customer base to increase your profitability and boost your bottom line.

At Benchmark Email, we know how to access everyone from the multi-herd rancher to the little old lady with a cat up a tree – and we’ll share how, in the form of a marketing manual specifically tailored to the pet and veterinary industry. Our dedication to email service provision, online marketing, branding and social integration serves to educate our users, providing them with the most up to date and valuable information and to ultimately explore marketing best practices in a detailed yet comprehensible way – all with an attractive price tag.

Pet & Veterinarian Email Marketing is a free, fully researched PDF on email best practices, and we hope you will take the time to download this guide or read it directly from our website. For more guides and manuals, check out our email marketing manual page.