As the economy recovers and construction comes back in the market, it’s important for construction and engineering business owners large and small to cultivate their current and potential client lists. Benchmark Email’s comprehensive guide to Email Marketing for the Construction and Engineering Industry acknowledges the range of services the industry provides, and the challenge of making offers, promotions and information accessible to clients. Learn more about how to grow your business through online promotions and effective email marketing campaigns, and discover how Benchmark Email’s online marketing solutions can boost your bottom line without emptying your advertising coffers.

Benchmark Email knows that the company building the world’s largest skyscraper has the same goal as the engineering agency hired to fix a local bridge: Growth, in reputation as well as finance. Our dedication to email service provision, online marketing, branding and social integration serves to educate our users, providing them with the most up to date and valuable information.

The white paper, Construction & Engineering: Building Profitability through Email Marketing, is a free, fully researched PDF on email best practices, focusing on the many variations in the construction and engineering sector and how to utilize your online branding to the fullest.

Benchmark Email is proud to offer you the best marketing resources the industry has to offer. For more guides and manuals, check out our email marketing manual page.