No matter the level of experience, a practical marketer knows to find the right tool for every task. As email marketing evolves into customer engagement, having a CRM has become an integral part of connecting with customers and leads on a more personal level. That’s why we have been hard at work to create Benchmark CRM. It’s easy to use, mobile friendly and has a powerful email marketing integration at the forefront.

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Manage your contacts, customers and leads
  • Follow up on all opportunities
  • Communicate easily with an email system directly in your CRM
  • Boost engagement with the integration with Benchmark Email

Benchmark CRM Exclusive Preview

We want to give the marketers using Benchmark Email and you, our readers, the first opportunity to experience Benchmark CRM. Be one of the first to see how a CRM built by email marketers will be the smarter way to engage your customers. Boost sales and become a more efficient and impactful marketer.

During this beta period, we promise to keep any bugs and UI issues few and far between as we improve based on your feedback. Any and all feedback is appreciated and is an important part of this exclusive beta period. We will be providing live chat and a feedback form so you can directly communicate with our product managers and support team.

There will be no cost for this sneak peek. At the conclusion of our exclusive beta period, we will be offering a significant discount to our beta testers as a thank you for your contribution to the development of Benchmark CRM.

We look forward to sharing Benchmark CRM with you.

Join the waitlist for Benchmark CRM.