After you’ve sent out your email or newsletter and viewed all your stats, wouldn’t it be perfect if you could put it online so everyone could find it?

Well, here’s the good news. Now you can.

The Benchmark Email archive feature gives you a neat, easily found online home to store all your emails and newsletters.

Here’s how it works. You create your email or newsletter. In the final stage of the process, you’ll be asked if you want to archive it. Click on that button and you can create your own custom archive with a unique Web address you can send to your customers.

Your archive can look exactly how you want it to, using the colors of your Website, your logo and more. You can even choose which newsletters and emails you want featured in your archive:

Here are just some of the benefits of having an online archive:

  • You can link it to your Website, making it easy for all your customers to find back issues
  • Once your archive is online, outsiders can find your newsletters via a Web search
  • You can add a list builder to your archive and sign up new email subscribers
  • By having your archive online, you can build a whole new base of customers
  • You can post links your archive from your Facebook, myspace site and more
  • You can use Twitter to promote your archive, sending other people on Twitter to it via a link

If you use your newsletter or emails to promote your goods, but also post how-to articles, product demonstrations and more, your archive is an invaluable tool that not only shows off what you have to sell, but gives Web surfers valuable content they can find in a simple search.

By adding new pages to your Website in the form of archived newsletters and emails, you’ll even improve your site’s rank in search engines, funneling more people to your site to browse, buy, or even just subscribe to your newsletter.