My father and I have always communicated through movie quotes, trash talking about sports rivals, and joke emails. Lines from Caddyshack, Stripes and Monty Python substitute for actual conversation. I don’t call my dad to see how he’s been. I call to complain about the Vancouver Canucks playing like a bunch of goons in their playoff series against the Chicago Blackhawks. Emails with jokes and funny videos are our way of letting the other know we were thinking about them. Father’s Day is always an opportunity for me to do something nice for my dad and show him how much I care. In years past, I have gone with a round of golf at the course he’d wanted to play or concert tickets to a band we both enjoyed.

Benchmark Email is here to help you show your dad you care with great new Father’s Day email templates. Put your dad on his own list, or use them to show dads everywhere that you know this June 20th is a special day for them.

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Top 5 Gifts I’ve Given My Dad:

– IPod Nano already filled with his favorite music

– Round of golf at a course he’d wanted to play

– Tickets to James Taylor

– Leaving for overnight camp every year on Father’s Day (i.e. an 8 week vacation from kids)

– Vodka of the month membership

Sample subject lines for Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day from [your company]

Celebrate Father’s Day with this great deal

Father’s Day gift ideas from [your company]

Thank dad for these great prices

Show dad you care this Father’s Day