Though a web technology, HTML provides an easy way to wow your readers with rich, visually appealing content in the inbox. It gives you the ability to take your message places plaintext just can’t go. Get a hold of a nice template and the possibilities are endless. Stumped for ideas? Here are some ways you can put your HTML email templates to good use:

Sales and Offers

It takes a presentation that exudes credibility and professionalism to convert prospects to paying customers. A good looking HTML email template can help you get the job done. Keep in mind, however, that design is only a piece of the puzzle. Whether you are promoting a huge sale or trying to entice subscribers with a single special offer, your content must play its role in getting them out of the inbox and to the destination where they take that next critical step. A beautiful design will do the enhancing, but it is up to your sale or offer to close the deal.

Holidays and Events

HTML email templates are perfectly suited for holiday-themed email campaigns and promoting events. In fact, you can easily find a variety of pre-designed, customizable templates ready to go for just about every major holiday as well as those geared for events of all sorts. When designing your holiday templates, make sure that whatever theme you incorporate is consistent with your brand identity. If you want to enjoy a nice turnout at your events, focus on the specifics of when, where, and why subscribers should attend. Above all, the key to making these types of promotions work is getting an early start.

Eye-Catching Newsletter

The typical newsletter can be dull, to say the least. Though it aims to provide valuable information, all that text could lull the reader to sleep and actually prevent them from reading it. An HTML template is the remedy, offering an effective way to spruce up that boring newsletter with elements that draw attention to the very same text that would be dull otherwise. You can make your email newsletter stand out in the inbox by going with a multi-column template that brings organization to your content and, more importantly, makes it easy to read. When used sparingly, graphics can also work as visual enhancements that add to readability.

If you are not a seasoned designer or web developer, creating an email that looks good beside the competition can difficult. For this reason alone, HTML email templates are highly recommended. A professionally designed template gives you a solid foundation to work from, making the design process much easier and faster than working from scratch. It also gives you an opportunity to see how developers structure their design through tables and other elements. Even if you have very little experience, a well structured HTML email template can have you designing your own like a pro in no time!