With the holidays around the corner, you can bet most of the businesses and nonprofits are making attempts to cash in on the holiday season. With so much competition vying for the attention of your customers, you need to ensure that you stand out of the crowd and keep the attention of your subscribers focused on you.

For this purpose, take a look at a few tried and tested tips to keep all eyes on your organization:

Build solid relationships

Focus on building a solid relationship with your subscribers. Provide relevant and interesting content so that subscribers look forward to receiving your newsletters. Some good content ideas that make a positive impact include inspiring stories, helpful tips, interesting facts and how-to articles. Once your subscribers view your emails favorably, they will be much more open towards responding towards your holiday promotional email.

Target your audience

It is important to target your holiday messages at the right audience. The more relevant your messages are and the more personalized your communication is, the better the response you will receive. Your subscribers will be more interested in buying from or contributing towards your organization if they feel your message is intended specifically for them.

Personalize your messages

Place a personal greeting in every message. Keep track of all the purchases and donations made by every customer and mention this in the messages sent to them. Thank customers personally for the amount donated by them or the gift purchased by them. Mention their names, the exact amount donated by them and the names of the products purchased by them when possible. Make note of who they plan to purchase for this time and include recommendations for the same.

Ask subscribers for information

If you do not have information regarding your subscribers purchasing needs and preferences, just ask them for it! You can provide a link to an online questionnaire in your messages. This will get you the information you need, help provide your subscribers with the right information and will also give them the impression that you care.

Provide ratings and reviews

It would be a good idea to include the rating and reviews of the various products, services and programs offered by you. Online shoppers tend to find reviews and recommendations a lot more useful than plain emails containing marketing content. According to studies, 66% of those who shop online consider the reviews and opinions of other online buyers before making online purchases. So help your subscribers make a well informed decision by providing them with reviews and ratings.

Offer a full range of prices and gifts

If you provide your subscribers with various options in terms of both price as well as products, you will be able to generate a much wider interest. In today’s economy, people want maximum value for each dollar spent. For this purpose, don’t promote only expensive and luxury items. You need to cater to those with modest budgets as well. Try and offer a full range of gifts that suit all budget types. If you are a nonprofit, avoid asking for a particular donation amount. Give your subscribers different donation amount options and inform them what each amount will result in.

Thank your subscribers

Always end the holiday season with a thank you to all your subscribers. Send them a simple card expressing your appreciation for them coming to you. This makes a good impression and strengthens your relationship with them. Make a note of what worked well and what needs to be improved on so you can be better prepared for the next holiday season.

Can you think of any more ways to profit from the holiday season? Do let us know!