Every company has some sort of tech wiz or go-to computer person to handle all things computer-related … that is if the company is already established and can afford to have their own tech guy. When you are starting out your small business for the first time, you are forced to wear almost the hats: owner, designer, accountant, administration, sales, and yes, even the tech guy.

Being the business owner, you already know the general design of how you want your online store to look, all the daily administrative tasks that are needed, all the marketing strategies that will showcase your products in an optimal way, and of course, the money that is coming in and out of your company. Dealing with the back-end of your online store is different story. It is already tough juggling all those other tasks, so who has time to learn how to build a website from scratch?

Well those who utilize Shopify don’t have to. Shopify is a fully managed commerce platform that allows you to build an online business with ease. Its features include managing products, inventory, orders, discounts, customer service and more. It basically wears all the hats for you, including the tech hat that never really fit right in the first place.

Take Johnny Cupcakes for example. Johnny Cupcakes is a clothing store founded in 2001 by Johnny Earle, and the store was running on a custom-built site, which had a tendency to crash due to the traffic coming from each product release. All the crashing halted once the company made the switch to Shopify. As executive Justin Hiltz stated, “We’ve switched to Shopify and now have zero issues with releases. It shows that a company of our size can release things every other week with giant influxes of traffic and all of it goes smoothly.”

Sometimes, Shopify is used to expand an already established business and delivered its well-beloved products to the masses. Harris Farm Markets was founded in 1971 as a single specialty store in Sydney, Australia, and has since then grown to about 24 stores. Then in July 2013, Harris Farris launched their Shopify store in order to deliver their produce across the city.

Angus Harris, the co-CEO of Harris, states, “ Our Shopify site is simple and easy for our customers to use. We offer the best customer experience in our category of the market….including one-hour delivery windows, same-day delivery of premium fruit and vegetables, and a satisfaction guaranteed.”

Along with that, Harris also experienced a growth rate of 20% quarterly, with 85,000 unique visitors each month.

So whether it’s for a new small business owner or an established company, Shopify fulfills all needs to run your business smoothly. Combine that with the power of email marketing– using the Benchmark Email Shopify Integration–and your business will become unstoppable!