Sometimes, consumers don’t know what they don’t know. They may have come to your site without knowing what they should be looking for, found something similar, but not exactly what they wanted. So, they give up and click to exit your site. Enter the Related Products Exit-Intent Popup Signup Form.

00:22 Andy Shore: Welcome back everybody to Clues to the clueless email marketer. We’re still talking about exit intent pop up forms and growing your list. And this specific exit intent form we’re gonna talk about today is a related products one, so if someone’s on one of your product pages, didn’t even get to the shopping cart like we talked about with the last episode, but they’re on your product pages, they’re going through your e-commerce store, and they’re deciding to click out. This is that last ditch effort another type of exit intent pop up form that’s gonna present them in that moment.

00:55 Daniel Miller: Exactly. So this is really geared towards what would be e-commerce stores and really people that have really large stores, that you’re trying to go through something, you can’t quite find what you’re looking for. I mean, here we’re really bending it to say you probably have a different type of problem, which it’s your store, I guess workflows, but guess what? With pop up forms, you can kind of figure out and test what is that problem. So a good example is, if someone is about to buy something… I’m sorry, not about to buy something. They are on the product page and they’re about to leave. You may wanna ask them like, “Hey did you not find what you’re looking for? Tell us what that was.” And then that can maybe help you do two things, help you fix your overall site workflows, as well as get their email address for future communication.

01:43 AS: Yeah, like Daniel is saying, yes, it could be an issue with the workflow of your e-commerce store. It’s always harder when you set something up, ’cause it makes sense to you, but when you have someone that comes in for the first time and doesn’t know, you don’t know what you don’t know. So they don’t know what they’re missing, they may in their head know what it is they want, but don’t know how to articulate that on your website or the right way to look for that. So if you come in when they’re about to leave and say, “Hey here are some things that are kind of like this that you might be interested in, then they’re like, “Oh that’s exactly what I wanted. I didn’t even know that’s what it is, but here it is right in front of me. And like I said, they thought it was a lost cause but… And the next thing you know, they’re clicking on that, adding it to your cart and onto the next step and it’s really just because they didn’t know what exactly to look for and you helped them do it with that exit intent pop-up form.

02:38 DM: Yeah. And I cannot emphasize enough on this. Be very careful with disturbing your subscriber or your site visitor that could potentially buy without anything. So this is where timing and location plays a lot here, so make sure that you’re not disrupting them. Because if I’m about to buy something and I get this pop form that’s telling me go over here, find all that other stuff. I may just say, “Well, this website is really trying to get you to buy stuff, I’m gonna go somewhere else.” Right? Versus allowing your subscriber to naturally do what it is that they’re gonna do, and again, they’re leaving, they’re about to leave your website entirely, that’s the time that this pop-up should happen. Of course, it’s the exit pop up, but I just wanted to make sure to make a point of that so we don’t confuse it with just a regular pop-up.

03:23 AS: Yeah, definitely. And another advantage of this type of exit intent form is, if you’ve got a little more sophisticated marketing software that you’re using for these exit intent forms and it’s been tracking where someone went on your website. We talked a little bit about, maybe they didn’t find what they were looking for, maybe they didn’t see something they had kind of piqued their interest earlier on, and they’ve looked at so many things they forgot about it or they got soured on the idea when they had initially been excited about something. You can then come back with maybe some of those things they previously looked at in this related products exit intent form, because you know they looked at some of these pages that… It might not just be like, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” It’s that reminder of like, “Hey remember this cool thing over here that you thought was interesting? Let’s take one last look of that before you go.”

04:15 AS: Sometimes it’s they’re impulse buyers, they’re the cash register. You just needed that little reminder that this thing existed for you to grab on the go. And you’re not gonna lose customers that way. And like you said, whatever it is with these forms, it’s just another way for you to ensure that you can grab that email address before they go. They might have not already been a subscriber and it’s just one other way to grow that list when you got people come to your site and showing some interest in what you’re doing. It’s that hail Mary you throw to try and get them coming back later on when they were otherwise gonna leave your website.

04:49 AS: Alright, thanks everyone for listening, we’ll catch you on the next one with our last episode focused on the Exit intent pop-up forms. Bye.