We continue our conversation about growing an email list by looking at some of the other places to consider putting a signup form on your website. Know the highest trafficked pages on your site, so you’re not missing opportunities to grow your list.

00:22 Andy Shore: Welcome back everybody to another episode of Clues for the Clueless Email Marketer, we’re continuing our discussion on growing your list and we’re focusing on all the other pages of your website. We talked about your homepage, we talked to you about your blog, most sites have a couple of other pages besides that and that’s what we’re gonna talk about today.

00:39 Daniel Miller: Yeah, okay, so again, we’re talking about how to grow your list with signup forms and, as Andy mentioned in the blog, we specify it based on content, a home page we specify based on… Because it’s nine times out of 10 your most popular page. Now we’re gonna talk about a few other pages that you may have. Now, we’re gonna get really specific here. Don’t worry if this doesn’t apply to you, that’s fine, but try to get the general ideas as to what we’re trying to say here and how that applies to your business. So let’s set off with pricing, okay?

01:07 DM: If you offer a product or service, you probably have a pricing page. In some cases, if you’re doing consulting, you may not be able to set an exact price in there. And you normally have a contact form, right? Well, that’s a perfect way to immediately start to get people to sign up. Right there on that contact form, you may wanna add a little checkbox that says “I would also like to receive updates on your product and services, features,” and so forth. The other thing that you can do with pricing which, if you go to the Benchmark site, you’ll be able to see it, maybe have some sort of a manual, something that somebody can download, something that maybe talks a little bit about price, maybe it’s something that it’s a custom proposal that gets emailed to them. So what you’re doing now is somebody is engaging with your pricing page, they’re showing interest and they’re saying, “Hey, email me that proposal.” And that’s also subscribing them in. But of course, always remember to ask for permission, don’t do the switch and bait to where you’re doing a contact form and automatically that adds them to the contact list. That’s not fair.

02:09 AS: Definitely. The next page I wanna talk about is our About page or About Us page. In today’s day and age, there’s a lot of competition out there. And your brand story and who you are as a company is more important than it’s ever been because people like working with companies they can believe in and feel good about contributing to and working with. And so, that About page gets a lot of traffic on your website nowadays. It’s probably up there in your top five most trafficked pages. So if you’re getting all the traffic there, people are learning about you, put a sign-up form. It’s the theme of this part of the podcast. But anywhere that potential customers might be or your actual customers, put that signup form there, because that’s what’s gonna keep them coming back and in turn leads into customers, and that About page is, it’s a big one for you, even if you don’t realize it. And the next one is any product feature pages, right, Daniel?

03:03 DM: Exactly. Any product feature, but anything that’s talking about more of your product, people… You may wanna have more like a learn more. If you are highlighting some of the products and features or services that you offer, you may wanna subscribe to learn more. And when somebody subscribes to that, you can set up a nurturing campaign in which it’s three to maybe 10 emails that kind of explains the process that you go through, you talk about your features, how they work, customer success stories. So what you’re doing there is you’re earning their trust. And let’s not forget, marketing has always been about storytelling, but now more than ever, it’s so important to tell a story. Your product and services, you’re no longer the only one. It used to be when somebody created a product or a service, their money was able to push them to be the only one that could really advertise. Now, with the internet, it’s so easy to reach so many people that your competition is always very high, so being able to tell an authentic true story, and being able to do lead nurturing is essential in today’s marketing.

04:05 AS: Yeah, and the next one might seem too obvious, but it’s your Contact page. They’re going there ’cause they wanna get ahold of you. They wanna hear from you. So if they already wanna hear from you, why not add a little signup form that says “check our newsletter that’s gonna give you all the frequent updates” or this, that and the other that they’re already going somewhere to hear from you, make it easy for them to sign up to your list, because you know that’s someone that’s already open to that idea. So it’s a good lead for a new subscriber. Put the signup form there.

04:37 AS: And we’ve already discussed, any of the high traffic pages, whether there’s a landing page that you know gets a lot of traffic, or you never know what’s gonna connect, but if you know that it’s ranking and it’s bringing you traffic, put that signup form, any touch point you have with customers that there’s a lot of customers there. And last but not least, we’ve already talked about, both with the blog and the home page, putting it in the footer. But if that same footer is everywhere on your website, it’s gonna be on every page on your website, so that’s a great one-size-fits-all solution for growing your list across your website.

05:11 DM: Yeah, and then just one last thing, if it sounds like we’re saying to put signup forms everywhere, we absolutely are. If you don’t think that applies to your business, that is totally fine. Again, we’re gonna say this a million times, test what works for you. We’re just trying to give you ideas and concepts that will kind of spark that little… Ignite that spark in your mind to really be creative and find different ways to generate new subscribers.

05:35 AS: Absolutely. Catch us next time. We’re gonna continue talking about growing your list a little bit, and thanks everyone for listening. Good-bye.