It’s almost Halloween. Are you excited? I know I am. I’ve finally figured out my costume. I’m going this year as Rick Ross. You may have seen him recently in the Nike “Boom” commercial in which he is picking up some bling of his face…that’s wearing bling of his face. In my twist, I’m making face bling of my own face. I don’t even remember the last time I did an arts and crafts project. I’m attending a private party that may have a slightly older crowd, so I hope people get it. The band my brother is in is playing the party dressed as Devo. I arrived home earlier this week to hear three of the band members listening to “Whip It” in slow motion, trying to learn all its nuances. Speaking of Halloween…

Da Bears, Da Vampires and Da Halloween Templates

Bring the tricks and treats to your subscribers with Benchmark Halloween email templates. Since I already told you about Halloween present, read about my Halloweens past and my all-time favorite costumes. My costume idea for double-opt in email still has me laughing.

Come reminisce with me and check out our Halloween email templates.

Keeping Your Email Marketing Text Neutral & Non-Offensive

In today’s over-sensitive, PC everything world, keeping your email marketing campaigns non-offensive is important. Sometimes, context is everything. You can say “babe” referring to Paul Bunyan’s blue ox or the pink pig who talks to sheep, but definitely not a female subject in your email.

Learn all about the importance of Keeping Your Email Marketing Text Neutral & Non-Offensive.

I didn’t purposely follow talk of Halloween with a blog about not being offensive, but hey, sometimes things just work out like that. Keep the submissions coming for our 3 free months of full-service email marketing giveaway. Send those emails for the We Do It For You email contest to Good luck and Happy Halloween!