When Buffer’s Carolyn Kopprasch said “yes” to our podcast, my co-host Andy Shore and I immediately knew we’d scored. Our high-five emoticons were justified. Carolyn is more than Buffer’s customer service rep. She’s a bonafide social media Jedi, delivering a payload of tips to thousands of users of what might just be the world’s most popular social sharing app.

Star Wars metaphors aside, Carolyn killed it with a boots-on-the-ground perspective that showed us that social media is so much more than sending Tweets on the hour and sharing moderately helpful tips sheets on your Facebook page. After multiple listens and several pages of copious notes later, here are three cool things we gleaned from our chat with Buffer’s Chief Happiness Officer:

Your images are (almost) everything

According to Pew Research, almost 55 percent of adults share original images and videos with their online friends, while 47 percent repost visual content they’ve found across the web. Carolyn added another dimension to stats like these, suggesting that even a single image featuring a quote or blog tidbit ups social sharing in a massive way. Carolyn believes in adding images to content whenever you can, so you can watch your sharing stats jump, adding another layer to social engagement.

Buffer + analytics = social media gold

Analytics go far beyond who shared your Tweets or who Liked your Facebook posts, but how do you mine the good stuff? Carolyn’s crack suggestion was to dig deep into Buffer’s analytics, and master your social media in 2014 like it’s nobody’s business. Another tip from Carolyn? Combine Buffer with Followerwonk, delivering in-depth analytics that tell you, just as a start, optimal times to share your content. Carolyn believes analytics can take your social media to the next level, so and lay out your Buffer plan based on your analytics stats.

Evergreen content has a long, long social life

Have a great blog post or tips sheet that withstands the winds of change? Carolyn suggests using that content, repackaging it, and sharing it much than once across your social channels. No need to duplicate, just know that the meatiest content delivers good results time and time again. Carolyn says the best content – from blog posts to videos to images – always deserves another go-around, and creates a strong foundation for your social media structure.

When reflecting on our guest list, Carolyn gave us something we strive for in almost every single show: a brand new perspective on how great content and social media are far much more rich and versatile than most people know. We’re hugely thankful for having her on the podcast, and hope the Force is with her as she continues giving great social advice to both Buffer users and non-users alike.