You probably wouldn’t ask a computer programmer for medical advice. However, sometimes you would ask a former WCW and WWF wresting champion about yoga. That’s right. We chatted with Diamond Dallas Page about yoga … and a bit of wresting too.

Find out how DDP left the wresting world and ventured into the world of yoga and fitness. We asked him how his wrestling career prepared him to start his own business and readied him for a new adventure. Discover how someone can invest over a half a million dollars into something they believe in … and thrive.

Listen along and laugh at how DDP scoffed when I asked him if he ever feared he wouldn’t be taken seriously coming from the world of wrestling. He also shared his nickname, before he became Diamond Dallas Page. In the episode, he often refers to his first big success story. A veteran named Arthur Boorman has inspired countless others, whether they’re using DDP Yoga or not. Check out the video: