This is going to sound like bragging, but I don’t know how else to explain my point. I was privileged to grow up in one of the top school districts in the country. High school was not easy, but our teachers always said it would prepare us better for college. I never realized how right they were, until I got to Indiana University. I felt like I had a leg up on many of my classmates.

For this episode of the Heart of Business we talked with an organization that seeks to bring an educational edge to every corner of the globe. Library For All is a digital platform for the developing world. They took to Kickstarter to help fund their cause and succeeded. Find out more about how they, with the help of partners, can bring to those to need and want it. It’s an amazing cause, a great story and one of our favorite episodes of the Heart of Business to date!

Library For All operates on low-cost tablets and cell phones and requires little bandwidth to download. The ladies behind Library For All has seen firsthand the joy and excitement that their program can bring to developing countries. Listen along and feel a part of that.