At Benchmark, we knew a powerful A/B Testing tool was imperative. We took our time, and put out a tool we are very proud of. It was our most requested feature. A/B Testing is also a tool we enjoy using. We use Unbounce to create a bevy of custom landing pages. They have an awesome A/B Testing tool as well. So, while we can talk about our own A/B Testing tool until we’re blue in the face, we decided to share in the excitement around A/B Testing with our friends at Unbounce.

Georgiana Laudi, Director of Marketing at Unbounce, was kind enough to chat with us for a bit about Unbounce, landing pages, A/B Testing and marketing to marketers. It was a bit of a lovefest. Madison has long been a happy Unbounce user and all three of us are passionate about marketing. We had a lot of fun.

This is a great episode for marketers of all kinds. All of our email marketing users should be aware that their emails are only as good as the landing pages they link to. Plus, everyone should use A/B Testing when it’s available to them. You can know how your customers and leads are likely to react to your marketing messages.