At one point or another, just about everybody thinks they’ve come up with a million dollar idea. For most people, it will only just be a thought. A what if. Many will be shot down with logic, reason … or the discovery that their brilliant idea already exists. A far smaller group will design a prototype and/or seek out investors. Precious few will see their pet project turned into a fully funded reality.

SolePower thought, “what if you could charge your mobile devices … just from the power generated while walking?” Then they took to KickStarter. Thanks to some great publicity and some marketing lessons learned the hard way, SolePower has reached their goal. Listen along and find out how you could do the same.

Find out all the great things SolePower can do, from bringing power to third world countries and lightening the load for our troops. Hear how important it was for SolePower to use the resources available to them at Carnegie Mellon and to find a mentor to guide them through the process. Plus, you won’t have to worry about losing power on your iPod halfway through a day hike!