We’ve had the opportunity to talk to some of the smartest, most successful online marketers, experts in their fields and a favorite former pro wrestler. It has been an honor and a pleasure to chat with each and every one of our guests. However, the Heart of Business episode dropping next week is one that is truly special to me. We invited a very good friend of mine to the podcast. Andy Shlensky and I have been great friends since junior high, but have known one another since Kindergarten. He was the first of my friends to get married, have a kid and the exact career he sought after … he purchased and now runs North Star Camp for Boys, which he grew up attending. That’s really what the Heart of Business is all about.

With Jenn being out of commission the day we recorded, it was decided that I would fly solo as host. While I hope I don’t have to do again any time soon, it afforded a special opportunity for Andy and I. We had a conversation that we probably wouldn’t have had in any other circumstances. My hope is that you listen and are motivated to go out there and do what it is that you want to do most. That’s what talking to Andy makes me want to do.

Tune in on Tuesday. We’ll all be refreshed and relaxed from having President’s Day off. Kick back and hear how one person saw the path he wanted in life and took it. Or just enjoy as two friends get a little cheesy and nostalgic.