Think back to your high school chemistry class. If you’re like me, your biggest memory is of that time your teacher created that explosion, reaction or something else fun. That’s why the STEAM Carnival got our attention. They lead their Kickstarter page off with the selling point of robots, fire and lasers. Sold.

The STEAM Carnival combines Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math into fun and games, creating a learning experience like not other. It’s like a hands-on version of every show I love on the Discovery Channel. They refer to it as ambush education. I call it freakin’ awesome.

The STEAM Carnival was fully funded on Kickstarter. Find out how they made that happen, where the idea for the carnival came from and the past experiences that lead to to be where they’re at today. C’mon .. we didn’t really need to write any more words than robots, fire and lasers. Did we?