The first time I saw Umphrey’s McGee, it was at the Park West on 2/2/02. I had to use a fake ID to get into the 18+ show. I am still in awe of them every time I see Umphrey’s live, more than a decade later. The band still manages to make their show feel fresh each and every time (and I’ve seen them more than 80 times). Umphrey’s has even done some innovative things for the fan experience, unmatched by most in the music industry. The last time they came through Los Angeles, I was treated to another new experience. I was afforded the opportunity to obtain headphones, so as to hear the pure soundboard mix. The best way to describe it would be auditory bliss.

Umphrey's McGee 01
It was with that eye towards fan experience and fan loyalty that I thought it’d be fun to chat with Kevin Browning, who manages strategy and development for the band, on the Heart of Business podcast. He also spent about 13 years with Umphrey’s on the road. Kevin has a unique perspective of what it takes to not only build a fan base, but to keep it. He was also kind enough to humor some of my obvious fanboy geekery. Listen and find out what Kevin and the band do to keep fans interested, all these years later.

Don’t miss an episode of the Heart of Business podcast! Subscribe to the podcast newsletter to be alerted the day a new episode goes live. Just for fun, here’s a couple extra photos I took of Umphrey’s McGee at Rothbury 2009:

Umphrey's McGee 05
Umphrey's McGee 12