For a lot of folks, spending more time with coworkers than friends and family is par for the course. You get to know them pretty well after a while, but not too well. Sure, you chat at pot lucks and in the break room, but you don’t really know all the details of their personal lives. I’ve worked with Paul for most of my four years at Benchmark and Claude for two or three years now. At some point, I found out they were in a band called Anything Box. Since, a few details have leaked out here and there. A funny story once in a while or maybe pictures of amazing 80s hair. That all changed with this new episode of the Heart of Business podcast.

Anything Box saw the majority of its success in the late 80s and early-to-mid 90s. They have endured with a dedicated fan base and occasional shows and reminders like the Roots playing their song “Living in Oblivion” as Tom Cruise’s walk on music on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Though all three members have other jobs now, they’ve still found a way to keep their passions alive. Find out how Anything Box came to be and how they remain today.

It’s always fun to learn things about your coworkers. Like don’t piss of Claude and then leave any open beverages in his presence. We also may have lit the spark that will lead to a new Anything Box album during the interview. It was truly special to see the chemistry between the three members of the band and I know you’ll hear it in the podcast too. Enjoy!

Download their free EP.