The time has come for you to start working on your holiday strategy! Most successfulholiday marketing takes place in advance of the holiday season. Usually holiday marketing begins gently towards the end of July and gathers momentum by the start of October. November and December see the maximum volume of holiday marketing.

When it comes to the strategy behind holiday email marketing, remember that the foundation of this strategy is based on relevancy and frequency. You need to ensure that you provide your customers with relevant offers that interest them on an often enough basis. Target your customers effectively. Analyze the previous purchasing behavior of your customers and inform them of related offers and schemes.

So plan your holiday email marketing now and take a look at some simple steps to get your strategy in place!

1. Identify products

The first step for your strategy would be to identify and decide upon the products that you want to promote this year. Then decide on the months that they will be promoted on.

2. Define offers and time frames

Your promotional offers need to be defined, following which the time frames for them need to be fixed. Get your best offers out in the open way in advance of the holiday season. This allows customers to avail of these offers before they have spent their budgets.

3. Segment your list

Use list segmentation as frequently as you can. Track your preference center, read and click rates and analyze past purchases to effectively target your audience.

4. Plot your calendar

Your deployment calendar must be planned in a smart way. Study the best and worst performers of your previous campaigns and adapt your strategy accordingly. Follow what worked best the last time and stick to the dates scheduled in your calendar.

5. Effectively design your creative

Your creative should be designed in a way that generates the best performance possible. Place your CTA above the fold as well as in the pre-header. This successfully informs people about the content in your email.

These five simple steps are sure to get you on the right track with regards to your holiday email marketing strategy.

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