There are way too many times when I watch a commercial end with a snazzy slogan and I just want to point my finger at the TV screen and shout, “LIES!” My past 25 years of life experience on this Earth has taught me not believe every brand slogan that I read on billboards, magazines or on TV. No, this toothpaste won’t make my teeth so bright that it will blind innocent bystanders around me. This musky cologne isn’t going to make females frantically latch onto a man like barnacle.

Slogans sure are catchy and the most popular ones have been deeply integrated into American marketing culture … but some are seriously exaggerated or blatant lies, amirite? Or, we the people have found more useful ways to use their products.

Graphic designer, Clif Dickens, also thinks so. One of his side projects, Honest Slogans, first created in 2011, is a collection of popular brands replaced with a bit more accurate of a slogan. Check out some of his creations below. It’s genius.




Urban Outfitters




Hot Pockets



And this gem right here:

Ben And Jerrys

Check out more of Clif’s work at: