In this article, I will explain how an infographic can increase the number of recipients opening your email.

An independent post-production company based in London, Splice, wanted to improve their email engagement amongst their audience of television directors and producers. The open rates for their monthly newsletters stood at less than 10% and the owners of the business did not believe their current content gave good value to the recipients.

Our first step was to gain some audience insight: It was clear to see that television directors and producers were very busy people, but they were incredibly passionate about what they did for a living; we needed to produce something visually engaging, quick to consume and that spoke about the business they were in with a new angle.

Our next step was to spend some time understanding the clients offering and their personality. From this we could start creating stories that complimented the client offering and would engage with their audience.

That was the hard work done, then we found the data to dramatize the stories as an infographic that would, were possible, humor the audience. Finally, to create the infographic and include it in the body of the email and ensure the word ‘infographic’ was in the subject line of the email, so they knew what to expect.

The Infographics Factory created an enticing monthly infographic that positioned Splice as an expert in their field, with a sense of humor and brought to life the service they offer. We were also able to identify the behavior of recipients opening the email. Tracking what they clicked on and how many times they opened it, giving a useful analysis of how engaging and informative the content was.

By including the original targeted infographic in their email content, Splice now achieves an average open rate of 29% (previously 9%.) What is more, the infographic is often shared between peers via social channels, re-used for third party blog posts and is creating talk-about in the industry, giving Splice an even wider exposure.

The Infographics Factory now produces monthly infographics for Splice, engaging their recipients and promoting Splice’s services in a consumable way.