How Businesses Rallied to Email Success in 2015 2015 was the year that email reinvented itself by finding new avenues and ways to communicate with an evolving audience. In some cases, it was about finding a way to be more innovative within the same platform – and in other cases it’s about emerging technology forcing a communication evolution.

Wearable technology was the biggest game change of the year. With email marketing campaigns now popping up on your smart watch, it became necessary to change how we write email copy. In the case of email copy, it meant two things. The first, subject lines needed to be more conversational, punchy and to the point. A smaller screen to host copy meant that longer text would not only be lost in the mix, but it would also be seen as a nuisance. On the other hand, Twitter-like email subject lines got the message across quickly, would fit on the screen, appear more engaging and they better connect with a Millennial audience.

Even though Apple Watch users span across several generational users because of how easy it is to use the product, smart watches specifically (as a first wave of smart watch technology) appealed to the millennial mindset. This means that users are looking to get what they need quickly, informally, and still be able to find value in shorter messages that are screen-friendly.

Shorter messages are were also a pretty big rallying point since mobile marketing continued to be a pretty important development need. Even though email campaign platforms offer a mobile version, the fact most marketers tend to forget is that most readers will likely be viewing your campaign on their mobile phone. This mean that both design and content need to be download friend, screen size and resolution friendly, and message friendly – so no large images and multiple images that slow down download, while favoring compact copy. Mobile email campaigns didn’t just stop there.

Knowing that “on to go” doesn’t just apply to readers, but also to senders, forward thinking marketers took it a step further aligning themselves with a solution that lets them send on the go too. If you’ve got a smartphone like an iPhone or an Android, you can use the Benchmark Email app to carry your email plan over to your phone. The app comes with 10 exclusive templates that are ready to go. On the go marketers, which is the state of working these days with a need to do multiple things at once, means that you can be sending email blasts and videos that you created at your desk minutes before.

Embedded video email campaigns were the last biggest rallying point of 2015. With videos, start-ups and enterprises were able to create powerful personal connections with their audience. Whether it was product reviews, video testimonials or interviews, direct messages from the CEO or using video to generate landing page traffic, video clearly appealed to readers as long as they’re short and offer value was well.

As your year wraps up, take an inventory of your email marketing efforts thru the year: what worked and what didn’t? What could be done better? With that in mind, take a look at what else is happening around the corner in 2016 and roll that into your email strategy for the upcoming year.