How Email Marketing Will Evolve In 2010
The trends we likely will see in the 2010 will include an increase in catering to the swiftly changing choices of individuals who can determine where, when, and how they read messages. With the continuing proliferation of computer-cell phone crossovers, the traditional paradigm of the “computer user reading email” will apply less and less in the future.

Capturing A Fleeting Consumer

2010’s consumer is on the go, and the email marketer must keep up with their changing lifestyles. The savvy email marketer of 2010 will provide a selection of information channels such as RSS feeds which the customer can select, or better yet, are pre-selected for them based on their individual preferences. The customer of 2010 demands relevance, thus the “batch & blast” and “spray & pray” techniques of the past will become totally extinct. Enabling the customer to shape and manage the incoming communication is a key point to this relevance. Quality will continue to trump quantity, and email marketers who are able to comprehend lifecycle and trigger behaviors will benefit greatly.

Your Customer Is Your Friend, Not Your Target

It will be ever more important to build consumer trust through total transparency and provide for their opt-in preferences. Once they are welcomed, then expectations must be fulfilled, and keep updating to fit their requirements. If the relationship sours, there should be valid alternatives to unsubscribing, again in order to suit the client. As many as 7 out of 10 individuals are long term opportunities, so the commitment to providing customized information in 2010 and beyond must be for the long haul. Drip campaigns can produce a three fold greater CTR, thus will become one of the primary B2B vectors in 2010.

Say It In 140 Characters

2010 has been touted by some as the year that email will evolve into a multitude of innovative forms, overtaken by the explosion in communications channel choices and preferences such as:

  • mobile applications & SMS
  • webinars, webcasts & podcasts
  • RSS feeds
  • social networks
…and of course Twitter.

The Twitter phenomenon is extremely important in the development of any email marketing campaign in 2010, as the generation which has been brought up on texting is about to enter the workforce: bringing with them their terse, dense, short word blasts, or Tweets. Providing a successful marketing message in 140 characters or less will prove to be the great art of 2010.

A 2010 Viral Email Pandemic

Given that more than 50% of the entire human race has a text-capable mobile telephone, the potential for this medium dwarfs the conventional “email on a PC” market. Therefore, the email marketer of 2010 must provide messages which render properly on full browsers, mobile browsers, and the basic text screens of the low-end cellulars. A pandemic of viral emails can be expected in 2010 as email marketers must develop new ways to encourage their recipients to pass along to family, friends, and their “extended family” in social networks. It will be increasingly important to ensure that these messages can be customized by the “pass-alonger” by providing capabilities to have endorsements or comments added.

The basics of proper email marketing will become even more important in 2010, thus behavior-based customization of messages; creative low pressure subject lines; clear, display-flexible, user-focused email design; and genuine personality bordering on hip quirkiness, will be the keys to success in 2010 and beyond.